Musicians quotes on Mose Allison

"If you were British playing the blues in the 1960s, you were influenced by Mose Allison."

Mick Taylor

"I donít know any musicians who donít love Mose Allison..., his appeal cuts across all musical boundaries. In the over twenty years Iíve been going to see him live, heís blown me away every time."

Bonnie Raitt

"Mose is one of my heroes"

Robert Palmer

"The manís voice was heaven. So cool, so decisively hip... Mose was my man. I felt him to be the epitome of restrained screaming power."

Pete Townshend

"When I discovered Mose Allison I felt I had discovered the missing link between jazz and blues"

Ray Davies

"Iíve always enjoyed working with Mose Allison."

Van Morrison

"When I first saw Mose Allison I was profoundly influenced. Here was a guy who was doing blues, yet still into the jazz inner circle which I thought was excruciatingly hip."

John Hammond

"I fell in love with Moseís music the first time I heard it. It was just what I needed to hear: the warmth of the voice, the style, the individuality. He melted my heart with the sound of his voice."

Georgie Fame

"Mose was a hero to everyone in the band and a very strong influence on sixties rock and roll. Everyone who put a band together from 1963 on that was blues-influenced at all was touched by Mose Allison, no matter what country they were in."

Al Kooper

"Everybody I know in England was raised on Mose Allison."

John Mayall

"Mose Allison is a beautiful musician."

Willie Dixon

"Mose, you got a good thing goin on."

Sonny Boy Williamson

Publication Quotes on Mose Allison

"Mose Allison is nothing less than a National Treasure."

New Yorker

"Mose Allison is a unique figure in jazz; always on the very edge of wide public acceptance, playing and developing the almost forgotten art of song and lyric."


"During the early sixties his singing had a profound effect on an entire generation of English rock musicians... his piano style defies description, both because it cuts across the boundaries of jazz, Avant-garde, blues and swing."

New York Times

"With his unorthodox, urgent sound and personalized harmonic voicings, he may remind you of Thelonious Monk, but only in the sense that he is the eternal maverick, eschewing more rules than he observes."

Washington Post

"Allison has become a classic, a cool comic sage offering ironic advice for survival. His show was fun, a mix of biting wit and eccentric piano playing... a happy jumble of bebop, Delta blues, boogie-woogie, careening chromaticism and beethovian drama."

Rolling Stone

"Allison brings as much interpretive depth to the popular song as anyone singing today... there is familiarity to much of what he does, but the emotional chords he strikes are all his own."

Chicago Sun Times

"Allisonís entire performance was a poetic stream of conscious fire. He reminds us to stop, listen and look; that life is happening around us and all of this to a rocking, grooving, jazz-blues beat."

London Observer

"When Mose Allison from Mississippi via New York begins to play piano and sing songs such as "Wildman on the Loose," then, as the lyric says, "Lookout! Stand back!" His lyrics are memorable for their characteristic satiric wit, for their humor and his vocal delivery is an unmistakable delight."

Hong Kong News

"Allisonís style is presently highly individual and quite striking. His albums draw almost unanimous critical acclaim for their freshness and their unforced country blues feel."


"For over thirty years, this premier songwriter, singer and pianist has stared down the oncoming doom, peppering his idiosyncratic blend of jazz and blues with mordant wit and unflinching honesty."

Village Voice

"When I see Mose Allison, I see the fountain of authenticity. He is my greatest celebrity."

Buffalo News