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TEC 236 Underpinnings of the Internet
Performance Objectives and Course Outline

Instructure: Michael Krueger
CAMPUS: West Campus

Performance Objectives:

Course Description: This course will illustrate how we have connected computer networks around the world with the intent to share information and facilitate communication.

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to do the following:
1. Explain ways that computer network connectivity can be achieved.
2. Install and config a web server.
3. Identify regulations, policies, or personnel to determine whether a given set of materials (information or other) is appropriate for use on the Internet.
4. Explain how the WWW allows a client to access a given Web site.
5. Install and config a FTP server.
6. Create and test a small web site.
7. List desirable attributes of an electronic mail system and show how these attributes are attained or affected by software and software components of the total system.
8. Explain the nature of such features on the Internet as Telnet and FTP. Demonstrate the use of each.
9. Access a search engine and search for a given topic.
10. Understand web server security
11. Describe the evolution of the Internet and it's future trends.

Course Outline:
See Sylabus - (MS-Word)