Small Animal Toys & Accessories

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Toy House Poly Resin House, Large $9.49 Wood-grain, half log shaped houses are actually made of durable poly resin in spring green.

Hamster Wheel


Hamster Workout Wheel $12.99 Solid plastic workout wheel with a digital counter to track your hamster's progress
Giant Ball Super Pet Giant Run About Ball $14.39 The ideal size Run About ball for pet rats, guinea pigs, ferrets or Chinchillas.
Ferret Playhouse Super Pet Ferret Playhouse $6.99 With two levels perfect for resting & playing. Easily hangs in any wire home.
Mini Manor Super Pet CritterTrail Mini Manor $33.50 Your Dwarf Hamster or Mouse will feel like king in the CritterTrail Mini Manor!
Animal Starter Kit Deluxe 16" Small Animal Starter Kit $32.99 Everything you need for your hamster, mouse or gerbil.

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