Training & Grooming

Owning a dog is a lifetime commitment. We want that commitment to be mutually rewarding for both you and your pet. Training your dog is an absolute necessity in building a strong relationship. Just like children, dogs come into the world filled with love and curiosity, but unfortunately, not manners.

Positive Reinforcement

We believe that all pets want to please their owners. The biggest barrier is communication. We feel that the best results are achieved through positive reinforcement. Everything we teach is taught with this in mind. That is why pinch collars or other harsh techniques are not needed or allowed during our training classes. Positive reinforcement is the rewarding of correct behavior with something that the dog sees as pleasing. This can be verbal praise or treats.

Basic Dog Training

The focus of our Basic Dog Training course is twofold. First, it will impart to you the knowledge of how to train your pet through positive reinforcement. Second, it will give you specific techniques to teach your pet the six basic commands necessary in building a happy relationship.

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